Our Tattoo artists 

Tattoo Pearl collaborates with various tattoo artisans to obtain the best designs in French Polynesia.

Moarii alias Mitu


Mitu (pronounced Mitou), 36 years old and engraver for Tattoo Pearl for 2 years tells us about his passion for his profession. "I have been practicing this profession for ten years already and I do not see the time pass! "

This desire to "manipulate matter" as he says, came to him early because Mitu decided to embark on sculpture and engraving at the age of 14. He began studying in the field of "the art of wood" for 2 years and then in cabinetmaking for a two-year deepening also. At these beginnings Mitu, sculpted large pieces like wooden furniture but little by little he migrated to materials such as bone, mother-of-pearl, stone and today with the pearl of Tahiti.

For him, engraving the pearl is not that easy. This "requires a lot of attention because the surface is so small that the pattern is more delicate to work with. Compared to mother-of-pearl, which she has a larger work surface, the pearl engraving needs to be more meticulous and attentive. "

























Moreover "this does not look like this but it is a lot of work" confides Mitu. In order for the engraved pearl to be finished, it is necessary to go through 4 to 5 stages of engraving going from the biggest milling cutters (tool to machine the material) to the small ones, reserved for the fine lines. After the engraving, comes the sanding step to attenuate the imperfections of the pearl, after that we have the  polishing and finally the cleaning.


The quality of a good engraver is seen at the finishing of his work. From the drawing to the final engraved piece, the work must be clean and precise. He must be able to adapt to the materials but also to the kinds of motifs. Even if Mitu is very versatile, he has a preference for Polynesian ethnic motifs that he likes to revisit in his own way by mixing several sources: ranging from Tahitian motifs to Marquesiens through the Maori style, he loves exploring!

This requires a lot of technical work but not only, indeed Mitu needs to reinvent himself every day to remain creative. His engravings are the result of many researches and readings. He takes nothing for granted, no matter what matter and drawing he discovers every day, and that's what he loves!

What he appreciates less about himself but which is a chance for the clients is perfectionism. "As long as I am not satisfied, the piece is not finished, even if the rendering is there I can always do better! For the customer the pearl can be perfect but for the eye of the artist perfection does not exist, "we can always bring something that will make all the difference. "

For Mitu, an engraver of profession and passion, he sees his future in teaching: "Even if I love what I do, with all the experience I will have acquired in a decade I will love to convey my passion for the pearl and engraving. I love to talk about this and the desire to educate young people on these trades attracts me because our Polynesian know-how is unique and it would be a pity to lose it. "